Health Guarantee and Shipping Information

Information around the gurantee we provide to you along with options for shipping and delivery

Our dogs all come with a genetic health guarantee. Please click the link above and read this guarantee and what remedies exist in the event something should happen. 

Do I need to see a vet

YES. It is important that you have your dog visit your vet. All vets are different and one vet may find an issue that another may have missed. It is also important to enable your Genetic Health Guarantee. Also you need to discuss your pets future care with your vet. Under "Breed Info" we have possible health issues that you and your vet should watch for.

How should I get the pup home

We highly recommend delivery via car with you or me. If you must fly then a soft side TSA/FAA approved carier and have the dog as carry on is a good option. We have KBMI near us for commercial or general aviation needs. There is some required paperwork to fly commercial with a dog and it can vary by airliner. Here is a link to Delta's pet travel info which is one of the commercial airliners at KBMI.
We also are willing to discuss delivery if required for a reasonable fee.

Ship a dog as cargo... NO NO NO 

We will NOT ship any animal as cargo or overseas. It does not matter to us if it is with a service or company that has experience with shipping a dog.


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