About Us

Not your average breeder

We are doing things differently. We raise our dogs in our home because they are our pets. They have a dog run that they are able to access via dog doors so when they want to go outside, they can. We start to train pups on fake grass pads in the house.We go on outings to Bloomington. We have a blended family and friends that socialize with our dogs and puppies. Our dogs sleep where ever they like (some in our bed, some on the couches, some in the dog beds throughout our house). We believe this creates happy dogs and puppies which makes great pets for you to enjoy.

We are currently only breeding Pomsky dogs. We have one male named Kaden and two females named Zoey and Luna. There is also a third female named Kyra that is our daughters dog. We restrict the number of times we will breed the females as we do not want to see our females always pregenant or nursing. 

Our dogs diets are monitored closely. We dual filter our water in our home. Our water softner uses Potassium Cloride instead of Sodium Cloride to reduce the sodium from their (and our) diet. Potassium is a nutrient that dogs need. Our food is only sourced and made in the USA. We use 4Health and suppliment with real vegetables, fruits, and protein such as eggs, salmon, sardines, beef liver, hearts, Kelp, and chicken daily. We are working on going to an all raw diet instead of dry dog food. They also receive a probiotic (see tab below) daily to maintain a healthy digestive system. The snacks we give our dogs are also all sourced and made in the USA or homemade. They also have a routine of Greenies dental health chews.

We are located in central Illinois approximately 2 1/2 hours from Chicago, St Louis, or Indianapolis. When you visit you will arrive at our personal home. While you visit you can see the puppies along with the rest of our pets all together. The yard they explore and play in. Last you will see the love we provide to everyone. 

If you are not aware of the effects of puppy mills or wish to learn more, please check our page on Stop Puppy Mills.


Renee Chesmore
Le Roy, IL 61752


Email: contact@homeraisedpups.com    
Mobile: 319-551-7026  text/call