Pomsky Breed Info

Facts around the Pomsky breed

General breed info - A Pomsky varies in weight from 7-35 pounds. A lot is due to the breed being a mix of Siberian Husky and Pomeranian. Shedding is minimal but they generally drop their coat twice a year during the spring and fall. They tend to be good with kids, cats, and other dogs. They adapt well in apartment living but would require an occasional walk to let some of that energy out. They will bark or howl so be prepared for that. They are considered intelligent, energetic, sociable with humans and other animals, and enjoy playing. They have a life span of 13-15 years.


F1 Generation - 13lb Female 


F1 Generation - 17lb Male 

These Puppies 

F2 Generation - If you want your puppy registered. This is possible. CKC (continental Kennel Club) go to https://ckcusa.com/media/144376/non-purebred-canine-application-web.pdf 

Known health problems - The Pomsky breed are a recent cross breed so there is still much to learn. There do seem to be some genetic congenital diseses that are common in the Husky or the Pom breeds.

Glaucoma - an eye disease common in the Husky. This gene must be carried in both parents. I can be treated and a routine check with your vet would help detect this early. Eye drops daily is the common treatment if found early enough. 

Luxating Patella - A patella (knee) condition from the Pom. The patella can jump out of the grove and once the dog relaxes the patella will place itself back in to the correct location. In some cases surgery may be required to help prevent the frequency of it happening. It happens often while playing. If your pet limps often when playing agressivly it may be helpful to discuss this condition with your vet. 

Cataracts - This breed appears prone to cataracts or Corneal Distophy and would be routinely checked.

Dental - There are cases of dental issues such as plaque buildup. Using a dental chew can often help prevent these issues.


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