Homemade Food

We feed our dogs this food once a night while our dogs open graze on 4-health dog food (original formula). This is not to be intended to be the only food they eat but more of a super high quality meal. 
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My Homemade dog food which we use as a once a day meal

Time: about 2 hours after meat and potatoes are cooked

Servings; about 6-7 gallons (we use 7 - 1 gallon rectangular Rubbermaid Take Along containers to store finished food)

Storage containers you can freeze (the ones we use can be frozen)
Powerful blender (We use a Blendtec 3 HP blender)
2 turkeys or 4-5 chickens (about 25 pounds total)
1 can no salt added corn per gallon
1 can no salt added green beans per gallon
1 pint of berries per gallon (mix of blackberris, blueberries, and raspberries)
1 pound beef liver
3 pounds of chicken hearts and gizzards
1 cored apple per gallon
1 can sardines per gallon
10 pounds of baked potatoes (using 7 storage containers work out to about 4 potatoes each)

Use: One container we use is 24 servings for a 15-20 pound dog. Cut it into cake like portions. I sprinkle it with the Sea Meal by Solid Gold and place a probiotic on top like a cherry.

1. Cook the meat following normal cooking procedures bringing meat to 165F degrees. Allow meat to cool for safe handling and to prevent damage to sardines beneficial properties.

2. Separated meat out in three sections. a) white meat no bone b) dark meat and all the bones, cartilage, neck, etc (no leg or breast bones as they are too big for most blenders) c) organs in last pile.

3. Start filling the containers with an even layer of diced potatoes. (Image 1 below)

4. Spread 1 can of greenbeans per container minus the liquid (we use the liquid with blending meat) (Image 2 below)

5. Seperate white meat into 7 even amounts.

6. Blend one amount of the white meat with no bones with about 4 cups of water and juice from greenbeans. Start with some and keep adding more meat and moisture. Most blenders cant start with all required for a single container. This should have a consistancy of soupy peanut butter/yougurt. You want to be able to pour out of blender but not too soupy. 

7. Spread white meat blend in containers. (Image 3 below)

8. Spread 1 can of sardines and juice per container (Image 4 below)

9. Blend together 1 can corn with juice/water, 1 apple cored and quartered, pint of berry mix. This should have a consistancy of a smoothie. (Image 5 below)

10. Spread blend per container. (Image 6 below)

11. Blend the organs from the meat, beef liver, and chicken hearts and gizzards. This should have the consistancy similar to the white meat. 

12. Spread evenly between containers. (Image 7 below)

13. Seperate dark meat into 7 even amounts.

14. Blend one amount of the dark meat with bones with about 5 cups of water. Start with a small amount of meat, bone, and all moisture. Add more meat and bone as you keep blending. Most blenders can not start with full container amount. This should have the consistancy more runny than white meat and organs. It has to go reasonably through a strainer with someone sliding their hand around to help. 

15. Strain into container removing large pieces. (Image 8 below).

16. Spread dark meat into container. (Image 9 below)

17. Strainer is expected to have large chunks of bone?cartiage and you can throw that away. (Image 10 below)

18. Place lid and place containers in either fridge or freezer. The blended product will solidify/gel up when cooled. Freeze what you will not use in a week.

Note: It can take about 3 days to thaw finished food in fridge. Do not heat as the sardines reduces nutrient properties with heat (Omega-3 and others).

Links are to Amazon but these products are also sold other places.


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